DEUTERIUM : The White Gold of The Philippines

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Phillippine sees hydrogen fuel

GOOD NEWS – Hope that this development will push through – this visions and plans was with Pres. Marcos ever since but it was short of beingmaterialize due to lots of COUP D’ETAT!!!! There are so many explorers who want the Philippines as we have billions or trillions of oil reserves even an everlasting HYDROGEN FUEL which flows from different parts of the worlds and can be seen through satellite scanned (this is a classified report) into the Philippines wells (the Surigao Strait) – Plans remains as plans – due to the crocs in our gov’t again this was not materialize – the prediction is - if explored we can produce 12 millions barrels per day of Hydrogen Fuel – that is an equivalent to 6 VLCC’s per day, distribution as follows:- 6 millions of hydrogen fuel (fuel of the future) will go to USA alone, another 6 millions will go to different parts of the worlds including the SAUDI.  In one year all our foreign debts will be wiped out – we will be the one to hire foreigners as we need their expertise and peso will become 1:1 ratio against the usdollars. Â

This is one of the Saudi Arabia fears – they are scared as once explored there is no stopping of production as this is an everlasting fuel or the so called “Deuterium” = a heavy form of Hydrogen fuel – (use by the space shuttle and even some of Canadian cars) clean air and no pollution – can use directly without additional processing or refining.  Above is the classified report which was not published in

Philippines – but it was published – you know where – in “SAUDI” and this are their biggest fears.  After the COUP D’ETAT in 1987 – this plan was laid by Mrs. C. Aquino to the USA President – when she visited the U.S. plans was made that the U.S. will finance to provide the equipment (using German’s technology) using hydro-pump as this location was the deepest trench in the world. – in return the U.S. wants 6 millions barrels per day. Â

Again the plan was not push through due to politically unstable condition in Philippines.  The U.S. will definitely won’t leave Philippines when it comes to security matters due to their VESTED INTEREST – “THE FUTURE FUEL” in Philippines (DEUTERIUM)  Soon the whole world will use this fuel extracted from our Philippinesarchipelago (the Surigao Strait) – and this is the true vision of anybody else – Philippines will be placed on TOP OF THE WORLD. And thebeneficiaries would be our young generations to come. Sounds like a concocted stories but definitely NOT…. Just watch thisdevelopment to come VERYYYYY SOONNNNN. Â

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