15 Steps of Voice Care to Recovery from Colds and Vocal Strain

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No matter how pro the singer is, there is an unavoidable task for them to take care of their voice especially in the cold and flu, and feel plain vocally awful situations.

However, here are 15 tips to allow you to bring your beautiful voice back to health and normal condition. The most important things are to reduce trauma to your chords and to create a comfortable environment for your throat.

1. ALWAYS drink constant amount of water. Please remember to drink 8-12 glasses of water daily especially when a cold is coming. You can try Alkalol if you really want to flush out a cold completely in 3 days or less. Just get it from the pharmacists. You use it intra-nasally.

2. Don’t force yourself to sing loudly in order to open your chords. Your vocal chords will automatically produce more mucus to protect themselves when vocal chords feel compromised, by cold, smoke or singing too loudly. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy: sing loud to blow open your chords = muddy sound and uncomfortable, swollen, “gunky” chords. Nobody likes to feel like this when they sing!

3. Don’t consume ice. It constricts your vocal chords and makes your chords feeling restricted.

4. Don’t touch alcohol at all. Because it will robs your body of water, and swells your chords. Dry swollen chords are the worst. Don’t do it.

5. Try to use a steam inhalant if your upper bronchial tree is congested Use a steam inhalant. It will help keep your breathing passages open and in turn will keep your chords clear of hazardous phlegm that would otherwise kick upwards onto your chords.

6. Ricola and Slippery Elm lozenges are good. Don’t use Halls Mentholyptus especially when you have to sing due to its stronger and drying in nature. In fact, in the situation of the cold and vocal strain, what you need is to lubricate and calm the chords. Therefore, the Ricola and Slippery lozenges are enough to take a healthy care on your chords well.

7. Rest your voice. Just speak when necessary. Try to write notes if want to inform something in advanced. Listen more, talk less, and Nod your head. Try to find alternative ways to communicate.

8. No Whispering. If you have to speak, do it in as normal a voice as you can manage. But, don’t over doing it.

9. No throat clearing, it’s hurt. It’s because this practices will bang your chords together. When you’re about to throat clearing, just try to take a deep breath in over your chords and yawn to release the tension of your throat. I’m sure the need and accruing times to throat clearing will lessen. Try to take it as a habit of deep breathing rather than clearing your lovely throat.

10. Do not smoke if you love your voice. It may make your voice even bad.

11. Avoid supper 3-4 hours before bed. There are many reasons for this. Most of the times, stomach acid is rushed up into your throat level and it causes some minor to major throat burning when you are digesting food in your sleep.

12. Try to eat bland food, avoid heavy spice foods. Because sometimes, the spicy foods will burning your throat and hurt your higher vocal notes.

13. Ensure cough less in the sleep. To achieve that, you can use 2-3 pillows, fluids will drain away from your chords more easily. Therefore, your breathing condition will stay easy and you will feel the need to cough less.

14. Use a nasal wash daily. AYR, NASAL, or SALINEX are the items you can use to keep your oral and throat fresh and healthy. Try to sprays it 3-6 times a day. Used regularly, they actually help keep you oral and throat healthier.

15. Don’t waste time.
If you have been to a doctor and he or she has diagnosed nodes or lesions on your chords, get help immediately. Vocal therapy is necessary to save your voice.

Do you facing these kinds of problems sometimes? Hope you benefit from these 15 steps of voice care to recovery from colds and vocal strain.



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